Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trip to Texas!!!

This Past Friday morning in Round Rock, Tx, we met up with our birthmom Misty and took her to her appointment and ultrasound. We had an awesome time together, and we are just so honored Misty has chosen our family to have this precious gift!
We found out that we are having a bouncing baby BOY!!!!!
I tried my very best to keep my emotions at bay untill blake and i were alone...I think for Blake and myself, we are always having at heart Misty's road she is walking and her feelings through this journey..I can tell you however that when we finally anounced Boy...that inside from head to toe a soothing warm feeling went through my body, it was a feeling of peace and contentment that i had not had in a long time.
On the way home we already began to think of names and we are still looking for one...At the moment it is Jace Samuel Weindorf! The name Jace means "Healing"! so appropiate for our family. Continue to ask for you all to hold us up in prayer these next few months for our lives and Misty. God is so very gracious and sovereign! Our family loves you all very much and talk to you soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Heaven is the face of our little boy...

Heaven is the face of a little boy
With deep blue eyes
That shine so bight in the sky.
Heaven is the place
Where he calls my name
Says, “Daddy please come play with me for awhile.”

God, I know, it’s all of this and so much more,
But God, You know, that this is what I’m aching for.
God, you know, I just can’t see beyond the door.
So right now...

Heaven is a half smile palsy kiss
And a thousand other little things I miss with him gone.
Heaven is the place where he takes my hand
And leads me to You,
And we both run into Your arms.

Oh God, I know, it’s so much more than I can dream.
It’s far beyond anything I can conceive.
So God, You know, I’m trusting You until I see
Heaven in the face of my little boy,
Heaven in the face of my little boy.

My spin of the “Heaven is the Face” by Steven Curtis Chapman

We had the honor of going to the "A Night with the Chapmans" concert; Steven Curtis Chapman, Mary Beth Chapman and Caleb (his sons band), last night. What a great but emotional night!! The music delved into our experience of Love and Lose and now adoption. I would encourage all to attend or check out Steven Curtis Chapman's new music, Mary Beth Chapman's new book, as well as the band Caleb!!

Here is a you tube video of "Heaven is the face" (mute our music player before playing this)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Pierce!!

Happy birthday to my first born young man now 5 years old today! So proud of this boy, he is a rare jewel to our family..we have given him gifts throughout the day, at school we threw a little party, it was memorable! But i think that tonight when we were winding down for bed, getting to our usual routine...of pierce brushing teeth, potty before bed, reading a story and tucking him in to pray..tonight i stayed by his bed just laying over him and rubbing his face; he turns over and says, "moma, i need you to rock me". So we are wrapped up with his music on, he ask me to sing "rock a by baby", i got through it twice and he was out in my arms..his body became limp you know and very heavy, at that moment it allowed me to remember how it felt to hold our lucas afterward when he passed, we had given him a precious bath, i wrapped him up and held him and just wept, i remember how heavy his body started tonight as i looked at pierce and the similarities b/t the both of them..i just thanked God for this level of PUrE Joy Pierce brings our lives, the healing he carries with him..i felt so covered by love and blessed to be his mother..
As this weekend unfolds, we will live and learn and bleed and break for our loss in just 2 short years! But the Grace is poured out in abundance over us and for that i am thankful for this journey..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

When Your Hands are Tied

This Week has brought the family back to a place of understanding God in his way of doing things; if there is anything this family or anyone else who has had loss, grief, or lived through life and death situations has learned, it is that when God is steering your life, and His will is being Let Go and Follow!
If you have ever been left with nothing, feeling washed out and unusable...when you least expect it, His Grace can pour over you and bring resolution!
God does take care of His OWN!
The Only thing or person that ties your hands is soon as we voice out what we are going through, say to the Lord "I am ready to let Go", His Mercy takes place over fear, and understanding only Jesus can give begins to lead the way!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blake, Pierce, and me are embarking on a great thing! Adoption!!
We are overwhelmed with the possibilities of what is coming next!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pierce's Vowel Song

Pictures from our trip to Chicago (6-20-10)

Here we go...
Keith Urban at Soldier Field

Chicago Kids Museum:

Cubs Game:

Streets of Downtown:

Navy Pier:

Shedd Aquarium

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to Blog Time... ...

Busy Summer! Mom is doing better and is finally back at home now! Optimizing her medications have done wonders! We have been to Chicago, then just got back from camping, Pierce man started school Pre-k, i can't believe it and he loves it!!!
I want to let everyone know that Blake and I have finally started pursuing adoption plans!! We are trusting God around every turn and it is quite an adventure!! We covet your prayers through this amazing new journey! We will keep you posted on things and try to get some pictures and videos up soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New BrandNewChurch INNERTAINMENT Series this Weekend!!

Check out the preview below for the new INNERTAINMENT series beginning at our Church this Sunday July 4th!! If you need an excuse to visit a church this weekend use me, haha. If you are on vacation catch the service at 11am online by clicking the i-campus link.

Thanks and have a great and safe 4th of July, The Weindorf's

INNERTAINMENT PROMO from Shannon O'Dell on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rehabilitation and BRI in Little Rock, Ar

Mom is going on 4 days in rehab now. Very slow hopeful progression! Have recently found out another small urinary infection once again, being restrained with another round of antibiotics; moms heart is very weak and is a little irregular anyways.. From the moment morning comes they have her up and stirred, moving everything physical, occupational, and we are seeing slow results. My God is Faithful and there IS so much Power in the name of Jesus..He is effecient and supplies our every need..this is my breath and prayer for her. She is the stongest and selfless person i know. Thank you again for keeping up with our family. There will be a Joy Unheard of and Unseen when this is all over!!!!! Let the Miracle be for my family.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanks for your Prayers for my Mom

Thanks for all your prayers for my mother; God is answering them and she is showing signs of improvement. Tuesday afternoon she started trying to respond and to try and talk some. Also, that evening when we got back up to the hospital there was this huge rainbow over the hospital from one side to other. She seems to slowly be coming out of it and the Doctors still aren't exactly sure why she slipped away; they thought it was encephalitis but now they aren't sure it is/was. Please continue to pray and that she will have no permeate effects from all this. On Wednesday she called me an idiot so know she is getting better, haha... ... Thanks again for all your prayers!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Please Pray Now for Marietta Knight

Please pray for God to heal my mother in the name of Jesus.

We just got home from the hospital and she was moved into the Critical Care Unit today. It is a long story starting a few months back starting with a few falls earlier this year to a bit of memory loss.

The diagnosis looks like encephalitis (infection and inflammation of the brain) but they are not certain. They are continuing to run tests but over the last week (since she was admitted this last time) she has gone from not talking to not responding and is practically in a coma at this point.

She is now on low flow Oxygen and has a feeding tube (never thought I would be doing this with my mom so soon after going through all we did with Lucas... ...)

Will post more later, but believing that our God is Mighty to Save tonight! We are in desperate need of our Saviour now... ....

Monday, May 10, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS, We sure miss you!!

Missing our baby boy so much today!! Moment by moment thinking of his warm smile and his contagious laughs. He would have been three today... ...

Building 429 - Always Lyrics

I was standing in the pour raining
One dark November night
Fighting off the bitter cold
When she caught my eye
Her face was torn and her eyes were filled
And then to my surprise
She pulled out a photograph
And my heart just stopped inside
She said He would have been three today
I miss his smile, I miss his face
What was I supposed to say

But I believe always always
Our Savior never fails
Even when all hope is gone
God knows our pain and His promise remains
He will be with you always

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day; Pierce's Concert...

Mixed emotions as usual this time of year. Our church, BNC, had a block party in northern Arkansas yesterday that our worship team from Bryant went up for. Pierce thought it was his concert so we let him open up with his new favorite song.

Check it out:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anniversary Trip to Cabo San Lucas

We've been back a few weeks from our 8 year anniversary trip to Cabo San Lucas, just now had time to complete the video to post. It is a very long one for those of you have time to watch it has all the video and photos from the trip for your viewing enjoyment... ...

If you don't have time to make all the way through there are a few of our favorite photos below.

The 8 year mark wasn't the planned year to try and go back to Cabo, but we realized that we needed to just go when we could make it happen and so we did; we were going to go at 5 years and that didn't happen so way wait until 10 years and have something stop us then.

We had a fabulous time together there, the hardest part away was missing Pierce so much. We went for 7 days and that is the longest we have been away from him since losing Lucas. If we had realized how kid friendly the resort was we would have brought him with us; though the time alone was very nice too... ...

One interesting part of the trip was that from the first day there we keep running into a family there with a son named Lucas, and he was about the age Lucas would have been. It was a bit ironic and a little sad reminder at first but we came to find it joyful as we watched him play and remembered our son. He was so cute; there is footage of him in the video. They even called him Lucie like we did. Actually, it was two families there together and they had two little boys with them, both named Lucas... ...

We relaxed, went deep sea fishing saw a lot of whales and dolphins and only caught a sea lion ( actually he didn't get hooked but hung on to the bait while Blake reeled him in a bit and then let go ), but the best part of the trip had to be the Americas Cup sunset sailing tour we did out of the Cabo marina. It was so peaceful sailing on the Sea of Cortez out past the Arch and into the Pacific; highly recommended if you ever go!!

I have one more picture from our anniversary dinner that was taken while we ate, it turned out very good but I'll have to scan it to post it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Update w/pictures from last weeks Ice

Blake and I are escaping the cold this Sunday, leaving for a week in Cabo San Lucas to celebrate our 8 year anniversary. We'll have lots of pictures to put up when we get back.

We went to Cabo on our honeymoon; the ironic thing is we never realized the Lucas in Cabo until Lucas passed, weird huh?

We've been busy getting ready for our trip; Pierce will be getting spoiled at Grammy & Pop's while we are away. We signed him up for pre-K for next fall, can't believe how he is maturing. We found out he could count to ten in spanish this week, didn't even know they had taught him that in his pre-school... ...

As you can see Pierce had some fun in the ice left behind by the sleet and bit of snow we got last weekend.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Lucas (and Joel) - by Catherine Lacey Dodd

Looking back over the years wilst restoring the previous posts that were accidently deleted last year we found this wonderful poem written for Lucas by Catherine Lacey Dodd that was posted to Reuben's blog shortly after Lucas passed. We never reposted it here but it is a fabulous piece of poetry one that has truely touched us again.

This time reading gave us such a warm and hopeful feeling in our hearts remembering our son in heaven and the lives he touched on earth.

Thanks again so much Catherine!!!!!!

For Lucas - by Catherine Lacey Dodd

When Angel Lucas took his first long flight
To God in heaven bathed in wondrous light
He looketh down to see his brother Pierce
And mom and dad so sadly bathed in tears

He asked Dear Lord “Why did I have to go
Just as my life was blossoming, all aglow?”
His tiny wings then mustered up the strength
To meet his Guardian Angel, Heaven sent

And God embraced him in his loving arms
All saints and heavenly creatures with their charms
With God he understands what we can not
It all makes sense, no need for Why and What?

A special place in Heaven has been saved
A place where God has gathered those he made
You’re dancing now with Angels, children too,
With patience they have waited long for you

That heavenly place more beautiful than we can say
A place for love and laughter, ecstasy
So Lucas asks you not to grieve for him
For he has done Lord’s work with your dear kin

Upon this Earth he touched and he invited
A plethora of lives across the world united
He playeth now in wonderment with God
Stands by his maker’s comfort, staff and rod

You ached for him to grow to be a man
Yet he fulfilled what God intended, his great plan
A life full of such intense family love
It overwhelms, it breaks my heart to think of

Go rest in peace our dear sweet Lucas boy
Your life has touched so many lives with joy
The peace I found within me when I saw
The love and excitement of your darling boy

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Memory of Joel Whitlow Foote Jr.

We lost our Precious Joel last Sunday. Such a loss to our family and a great warm heart gone all to soon. Joel is Blake's oldest nephew, his step-sister Lezlie's oldest son. He was always so loving toward our children and brought a smile to all those around him. Blake was down with his family hunting last weekend when everything happened. He was so glad he was there to help the family, though nothing can ever really help in a situation like this. It brought back all to familar feelings for us. We are comforted by knowing that he and Lucas are together in Heaven!

Joel's service was wonderful and his visitation had almost a 2 hour wait to get into the funeral home. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Joel Whitlow Foote, Jr. (April 22, 1985 - December 27, 2009)
Joel died Sunday, December 27, 2009 as the result of an automobile accident in Montrose, Arkansas. Joel was a native and life long resident of Hamburg, AR. He graduated from Hamburg High School in 2003 and he was the manager of Jade Foods. He was a member of the First Baptist Church. He attended the University of Louisiana at Monroe and was a member of the KA Fraternity. He was an avid duck hunter, deer hunter and he loved to lift weights and play baseball. He was a very loving and compassionate son, brother, husband and friend.
He is preceded in death by an infant sister, Felicia Stock Foote; his paternal grandparents, Billy Foote & Mildred Sawyer Foote and his maternal grandfather, Donald Seamans.
He is survived by his wife, Jennifer Garner Foote; his parents, Joe & Leslie Seamans Foote; a brother, Drew Foote all of Hamburg; a sister, Destin Foote of Monticello; his grandparents, Dane & Annette Weindorf of Hamburg and a host of uncles, aunts, cousins and friends.
Funeral services are 10 a.m., Tuesday, December 29, 2009 at the First Baptist Church with Dr. Bobby Pennington and Jim Ward officiating. Burial will be in the Hamburg Cemetery. Pallbearers are Jeremiah Simms, Brent Harrod, Michael Stanley, Patrick Owens, Javan Long, Gregg Hiegel, Rob Perry and Gene Barnes. Honorary pallbearers are William Foote, Bain Foote, Jeff Foote, Jr., Dax Weindorf, Blake Weindorf and Wade Lindon Tubbs. Memorials may be made to the First Baptist Church Building Fund, PO Box 352, Hamburg, AR 71646.
This picture was of Christmas 2007; Joel is holding Pierce
(Lucas is in the middle)

Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year

and Sorry it has been so long since our last post... ...

We have been doing well and had a good Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.
Pierce is growing up so much over the last few months.

We have been so blessed in 2009 and look forward to what is in store for us in 2010.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas:

Lucas was born to us 5/10/07 and was soon diagnosed with CHARGE. CHARGE syndrome is a recognizable (genetic) pattern of birth defects which occurs in about one in every 9-10,000 births worldwide. It is an extremely complex syndrome, involving extensive medical and physical difficulties that differ from child to child. Babies with CHARGE syndrome are often born with life-threatening birth defects, including complex heart defects and breathing problems. They spend many months in the hospital and undergo many surgeries and other treatments. Swallowing and breathing problems make life difficult even when they come home. The letters in CHARGE stand for: Coloboma of the eye, Heart defects, Atresia of the choanae, Retardation of growth and/or development, Genital and/or urinary abnormalities, and Ear abnormalities and deafness. Lucas's anomalies included with his case of CHARGE include minor heart defects of ASD and PDA, bilateral choanal atresia repaired at four days old, undescended testes repaired at seven months old, and ear abnormalities; also he has reflux and aspirated while feeding shortly after being born and thus had a G-tube and Nissen Fundoplication at five weeks old. Additionally he has PE tubes, very low muscle tone and facial palsy on his right side. Lucas was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension at 12 months old. He showed us how to shine through the rain as he lost his bravely fought battle and entered into Heaven on 10/02/08. He was our miracle on earth the 507 days we spent with him. For more information, visit